What is Bandwagon?

No shuttles, lines, or waits. Licensed NYC Yellow taxis for 15% cheaper. 

Bandwagon is a taxisharing service that uses licensed NYC Yellow taxis. By sharing a taxi, you are able to skip the taxi line and take the next available taxi.


Why is it better than UberPOOL or Lyft Line

Bandwagon customers never share with more than one other party or go more than 20% out of their way. Additionally, matched Bandwagon customers can take the next available taxi -- no shuttles, waiting lots or lines for you!


How much does Bandwagon Cost?

Bandwagon is integrated with the meter taxi meter companies. Our software determines how much you would have paid if you traveled solo and then charges you 20% less than your estimated metered fare.


How do I use Bandwagon?

Text us at (650) 449-8882 and head to the lowermost level of LGA terminal B. If you have additional questions, ask a Bandwagon sales agent in a yellow jacket for more information.