What is Bandwagon?

Bandwagon is a service that helps you skip the taxi line and save money on your taxi fare


Is Bandwagon legal?

Bandwagon is a licensed contractor of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. 


How much do I pay?

Bandwagon's software determines how much you would have spent if you traveled solo, and charges you 20% less. 


Who will I share my ride with?

Bandwagon ensures that you match with only one other party and that you will never go more than 20% out of your way.


How do I pay the driver?

Bandwagon is able to pay on your behalf by pairing you to the taxi. A Bandwagon agent will explain the pairing process to you before you get in the taxi. 


How do I tip the driver?

Once you are paired to the vehicle, you will be asked how much you would like to tip the driver. Simply reply with the tip amount in the form of a percentage (e.g., 20%).


How does payment work?

  1. We add your payment information at the airport
  2. We pair you to the taxi
  3. The driver runs the meter until the second dropoff
  4. We pay the driver the full fare + tips
  5. We charge you 20% less than your estimated solo fare.

Note: You are NOT paying 20% less than the entire fare. Bandwagon's software is able to estimate what you would have paid if you traveled solo.