Bandwagon launches partnership with United Airlines' Eco-Skies

Sharing taxis and rides from the airport is among our users’ favorite ways to move with Bandwagon. It can cut the cost of a ride home in half. And given the crush of people and cars often going the same way, snaking a path back to the city, sharing rides helps reduce wait times, speeds up traffic, and cuts pollution.

That’s why we’re proud to announce a new partnership with United Airlines’ Eco-Skies program, to bring Bandwagon to even more travelers at one of the largest airport terminals in the country, United’s Terminal C at Newark International Airport. The program will be the first such digital real-time ridesharing program at any airport in the U.S.

By sharing a ride with Bandwagon, arriving United customers can save up to 60 percent of the cost of a typical car service. They’ll be helping the planet too: the program could save over 42,000 gallons of gasoline and 80,000 pounds of CO2 emissions over the next 12 months.

To rideshare at United’s Newark Terminal C, all you have to do is enter your destination in the Bandwagon app. As Bandwagon’s state-of-the-art Ridebatch Server looks for the most convenient match, rides appear on a number of responsive displays throughout United’s Terminal C baggage claim area.


“Think of it as a tech-savvy way to shout out to everyone in baggage claim looking for shared car service,” says Bandwagon Art Director Brendan Dalton. When the Ridebatch Server finds you a convenient match, its easy to meet at a designated Rideshare Meetup spot within the terminal. You can then book a car service directly through Bandwagon and split the fare digitally.

Jigar Shah, author of Creating Climate Wealth and a Bandwagon user, is enthusiastic about the program.

“I travel to and from Newark often, so the costs add up. United’s Eco-Skies Bandwagon program isn’t just a win for the environment: it also makes it a lot easier and inexpensive for me to fly United.”

Joe Sitt, Founder and Chairman of the Global Gateway Alliance, an industry group campaigning for improvements to area airports, also applauds the partnership. “This partnership between Bandwagon and United is a great step in utilizing 21st century technology to improve transportation to and from New York and New Jersey airports, to make rides more efficient and affordable, and to bring us closer to the amenities offered by the world class airports that we compete with.”

While Bandwagon can be used anywhere to find a ride partner—and in New York City, a ride—we also design and build digital real-time ridesharing systems with transportation hubs, large events, and companies in mind. In addition to the system installed at Newark, Bandwagon also offers the Hop Lane, a system for matching riders who are already waiting on taxi lines. Bandwagon debuted this time-, cost- and carbon-saving system at the International CES 2014 in Las Vegas, and has since brought it to other events and convention centers.

In January, we’re bringing the Hop system back to Las Vegas to help alleviate the crunch of curb-side congestion, and get visitors to their destination in a way that’s speedy and social.