Curb Crunch 101

Bandwagon tackles a problem that convention attendees and airport travelers have become all too familiar with. We call it Curb Crunch.

Curb Crunch is what happens when thousands of people leave a convention, event or airport at the same time. They try to get to that next after party, event, airport or hotel and form a single line. Each attendee takes an entire cab to themselves. As those empty seats drive away, the line gets longer.

Attendees grow impatient – an event host’s nightmare. They begin to forget the how amazing their convention, event or trip was – and turn their focus instead on the misery of the line.

Bandwagon brings the 21st century to the cab-line. Attendees and event organizers rejoice!


With Bandwagon, attendees can connect with other people heading their way using their smartphones or tablet kiosks. They can network, chat about how great the show was and fill up more seats.

Matching during the line means each cab has more people, which means the lines move fast. Real fast. In lines of twenty people or more, Bandwagon matches nearly one third of all passengers. That’s more than six minutes saved on a twenty minute cab line.

For event organizers, this means a reduced environmental impact which can be attributed to the organization hosting the event. What’s more, the entire cab line can be opened up for sponsorship and become a revenue generator for your show.

Bandwagon has been proven at International CES, the largest technology show in the world, at Newark International Airport, and at Grand Central Station in NYC.

To find out more about Bandwagon, to learn about how it can generate revenue at your event, e-mail