Dear Weeels Crew,

Just want to take a quick moment to introduce myself.

Hi. My name is Ro Purushotham, and I am the newest addition to the Weeels team, here at the NYC ACRE Incubator.
Prior to joining Weeels, I worked on web development and user interaction at Last Exit, an international digital agency in New York, only a couple of blocks from Weeels’ office. Earlier this year, I graduated with a master of science degree from New York University where I pursued my interests in wireless networks, mobile media, and web programming at NYU’s Polytechnic Institute and Interactive Telecommunications Program. I am originally from Bangalore, India; I now live in Long Island City, and love New York.
I’ll be tweeting and blogging and facebooking about the latest news on emerging sustainable technologies, politics and policies of being green, transportation alternatives, and the goings on in this amazing city of ours. It should be loads of fun. Of course, Weeels is a two-way street (pun intended). So please reach out to me @weeels or if you’ve got any ideas or issues you’d like Weeels to investigate, or news that you’d like us to broadcast/rebroadcast.

Until my next beep, your fellow Weeeler,

Ro Purushotham
Social Media Director, Weeels