Lawsuits and Fines in the New Tech-Enabled (For-Hire) Vehicle World

The Sidecar 'Stache

Over at Ars Technica, an article was posted last night about major fines in SF against Lyft, Sidecar, and Uber (in addition to other troubles in CA and elsewhere). A lot of legal issues are quickly coming to a head, and it’s definitely more complicated than just the Neanderthals v. the Smart Young Things that the tech world sometimes portrays it. Certainly, there are great things in vehicle transit that ought to be enabled by smart phones and new technology (and aren’t). There are also serious issues about circumventing insurance and highly-regulated fixed-price markets under the guise of new technology.

The more attention these disputes get outside of the tech startup community and the esoteric taxi/municipal regulatory community, the better. The potential impact of new technology on transit is enormous, and there’s something at stake for everybody.