NYC Transportation Department To Share Cars

Everyone is sharing, not just the little guys. Under a new initiative, 300 employees of New York City’s Department of Transportation (DOT) will share 25 vehicles from Zipcar, instead of driving NYC fleet vehicles.

“Earlier this year, we announced a large-scale effort to make City government smaller, smarter, and more sustainable – both environmentally and fiscally,” said Mayor Bloomberg. “An important component of that effort is looking at City-owned cars. A car share program could help reduce the number of cars we use, cut our costs, free up parking on our streets and reduce the congestion on our streets and the pollution in our air. It’s another example of how we are constantly working on new ways to deliver better services at a lower cost to the taxpayer and to the environment.”

Most of the vehicles will be hybrids (23 hybrid vehicles and 2 mid-sized vans), which will save fuel and reduce pollution. And when not being used, the cars can be used by others, rather than sitting idle all night or weekend. The pilot program could “save more than $500,000 over four years in reduced costs for vehicle acquisitions, fuel and maintenance." 

Of course the innovative DOT, which has made massive pedestrian improvements and added crazy amounts of bike lanes, would be the first to try this. How long will it be before other government agencies follow?

via Treehugger. Photo: Mark E. Seitelman