Summer festivalling? Carpool with our friend, Tripda!


You have taxisharing down but what about carpooling for a longer haul? Ride sharing to a music festival, weekend road trip, or to/from campus through Craigslist can be difficult, scary, and awkward. Some thoughts that may have crossed your mind during these situations include:

-How do I know I’ll be safe?

-How and when do we split the cost of gas?

-Is it okay if I eat in the car?

-If you’re an extravert: What if it’s dead silence for the entire ride?

-If you’re an introvert: What if they don’t shut up?

-Will they be okay with me blasting Taylor Swift’s new album?

-What if their feet smell? Eww.

-Oh crap. What if MY feet smell?

Say goodbye to these thoughts, shady craigslist listings, and desperate last-minute posts on your campus’s “Class of Whatever” Facebook group. With Tripda – a long-distance carpooling community – you can offer rides, find rides, meet new people, save money, and stay green! The best part is that Tripda verifies users through Facebook/phone and publishes user-submitted reviews of drivers and riders. Drivers can also set prices as well as preferences for pets, food, music, and level of chattiness to make sure they’re matched with the most compatible riders.

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