Open Traffic: Bringing Open-Source, Real-Time Traffic Data for NYC

To enhance how Bandwagon generates routes and matches passengers’ ride itineraries in New York City, we’re assembling a new database: a repository for real time traffic data we’re calling Open Traffic.


Beginning with data gathered from New York State and City Agency fleets, private fleets and consumer vehicles, the database will be open to anyone to use and contribute to.

The hope is that Open Traffic will also serve a greater value: helping to reduce congestion, reduce fatalities, improve transportation investments, and promote multi-modal travel.

Because we think Open Traffic can benefit New York and Mayor de Blasio’s Vision Zero plan to eliminate all traffic deaths, we’ve submitted the project to the city’s premiere apps competition, BigApps, and we’re thrilled to be in the running. We’re also excited to be takling the Mayor’s #BigApps idea head on.

Read more on our BigApps project page—and please vote for Open Traffic at the BigApps hub before Saturday afternoon:

It only takes twenty seconds, and if we have enough votes by the time we pitch the project atSaturday’s Block Party, we have a better chance of advancing to the next stage.

And come say hi to us and check out all the BigApps on Saturday.

—Team Bandwagon