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This Is What New York's Next Taxi Will Look Like

What will the next New York City taxi look like? NYC’s Taxi of Tomorrow finalists were announced last week – designs from Nissan, Ford and Karsan (in order above) – and to find a winner, the Taxi and Limousine Commission has opened voting up to everyone. One voter will win a year of cab rides.

The three finalists offer increased interior space, ease of entering and exiting, attractive exterior, interior electrical outlets, sunroofs, and interior lighting.

But of course, hardware means nothing without good software. When we talk about tomorrow, it’s important to remember that while vehicles themselves are an important part of delivering reliable service to New Yorkers, service and systems design – like what we’re working on at Weeels – will have a huge role to play in how we use vehicles in the city. That means improving the way we hail, share, and pay for our rides.

Go vote – and keep in mind a car that will be easiest to share (that Karsan jumpseat is pretty awesome)!