The Rise of Collaborative Consumption

Author (and Weeels fan) Rachel Botsman, has just published Collaborative Consumption, an exploration of how technologies and peer communities are redefining how we share and give. Tomorrow, she hosts a panel entitled: The Rise of Collaborative Consumption at the Kellen Aditorium (The New School, 66 Fifth Ave, NY 10011 - tickets here). It’s right up our alley.

“The panel will be highly interactive, exploring opportunities and themes related to Collaborative Consumption including: the role of design thinking; how technology creates trust between strangers; and the new culture and economy around sharing.”

Weeels will be there, as will a host of other smart NY startups that are doing great work pushing NY Culture in some very smart, pro-social directions. Among the companies participating in the panel are: OurGoods and Airbnb – two fine examples of how networked communities can get stronger by coordinating the use of their existing resources. Check out this cute animation, which does a nice job framing the movement at large.

In fact, it’s a good week for collaborative consumption across the board. Brooklyn Based, a local blog and email newsletter just wrote a very nice piece about SnapGoods, which is another social network that allows you to do do things like “request a reservation with an appliance you only need for one night–like a blender for a party–or take home a big-ticket gadget for the weekend–say an iPad–so you can be certain it’s worth buying." 

Hmm. Maybe Weeels can use SnapGoods to rent some Blackberries, so we can test out our new Mobile Web Application!