Bandwagon airport taxishare featured on CNN and NBC

In a recent profile of taxi alternatives, CNN technology correspondent Samuel Burke caught up with CEO David Mahfouda and a few Bandwagon riders at LaGuardia Airport, where Bandwagon’s app and rideshare technicians match together passengers on the taxi line who are going the same way. Bandwagon riders save up to 40%, and are given priority access to NYC taxi cabs, speeding up the line for everybody.

And in a segment last month for our hometown NBC affiliate, reporter Lynda Baquero spoke to David and profiled Bandwagon’s LaGuardia Airport service.

Real-Time Transit Display: The First "Transit Appliance"

Weeels may be a “transit utility,” but Chris Smith from Portland Transport has debuted what he is calling the world’s first “Transit Appliance”.

Drawing upon a number of a variety of Open Source software components (including Linux), the Open Hardware “Chumby” platform, and public open data from Portland’s TriMet & NextBus, it can deliver real-time transit arrival estimates to a display in your home, coffee shop, library or, well, anywhere frequented by transit users. It would cost about $200 and require only a WiFi connection. 

This sounds like a really elegant and simple solution, inspiring for those of us looking for ways of building new ways to distribute information – and connect users – around transit. 

There’s one problem with using systems like this in outdoor spaces: these devices don’t last long in public, either because of vandalism or wear-and-tear. If that problem can be addressed – and I think it can – transit agencies around the country should consider adopting similar systems, which could eventually be a heck of a lot cheaper than the digital signage that the MTA has been using.

 via StreetFilms