TLC Allows Taxi-sharing While MTA Down

According to TLC Industry Notice #12-37:

“We encourage ride-sharing in taxis. Taxi drivers are permitted to accept additional passengers even while a passenger is in the cab. The original passenger(s) pay the metered fare, even if the taxi is required to make a detour to drop off the additional passenger(s). The fare for the additional passenger(s) will be negotiated between the driver and the

passenger. The driver must quote the fare upfront. TLC recommends a fare of $10 per additional passenger for passengers who join a trip already in progress.

Liveries, black cars and luxury limousines are permitted to accept street- hail passengers anywhere in New York City. Fares will be negotiated, and the driver must quote the fare upfront. TLC recommends a fare of $15 per trip for trips within Manhattan under 96th Street or within Manhattan above 96th Street, or within another borough, and $25 per trip for trips crossing from one borough into another borough or crossing 96th Street in Manhattan." 

It’s a Mad Max-style world of urban transit out there in New York City for the foreseeable future. Only limited subway service will resume tomorrow, roads are out, buses are overcrowded, and gridlock reigns over all. Walking, biking and ridesharing seem to be the ways to get around.

Let us know if you’re sharing cabs and what your experience has been!