Tweeting for Cabs Across the Pond

A group of London taxi drivers have come together to create a Twitter-based dispatching service, @tweetalondoncab. As they put it on their website:

Tweetalondoncab is a non-profit making organisation, wholly operated by a close-knit community of Licensed London Taxi drivers. Our sole aim is to provide a quality, reliable and friendly service.

The effort has been quite a success, so much so that Tweetalondon cab is expanding into taking orders by phone and email as well. It’s a testament to how well new communication technologies are suited to improving personal transit that ideas can start with Twitter and work their way back technologically to older tools. According to a post about @tweetalondoncab on a Guardian technology blog, while London has also seen other ambitious ideas in this area (“a couple of developers are experimenting with Foursquare - setting themselves up as a virtual taxi rank and checking in when they are on duty"—pretty neat!), they’re still waiting on a mobile application for ordering rides (let alone sharing them).