Weeels Gets More Social: Login With Facebook



Weeels, our cab-ordering and -sharing app, is taking social transit to the social masses.

The latest version of the Weeels iPhone application lets users log in with just a Facebook account, simplifying the process and assuring potential sharers that their ride partners are who they claim to be.

This is a big step forward in our goal of leveraging existing social networks and social networking tools to make transportation more efficient for everyone.

Part of that is opening up new lines of communication. Once linked to a Facebook account, Weeels can also publish updates to users’ activity streams about where they are headed, maximizing the chances of finding ride partners among your social network.

This is a starting point of integration with Facebook (as well as other social tools) as a way to make it easier for Weeels users to find ride partners who they know and like.

Go ahead and give it a try for yourself: Download the app or, if you don’t have an iPhone, give the mobile web version a try at m.weeels.org.