Weeels is Trendy! (Tech-wise, at least)

According to the tech blog ReadWriteWeb’s list of key tech trends for for 2010 (so far), Weeels is right in the middle of all the coolest new stuff. Their list includes:

  • Augmented Reality (see acrossair’s subway finder app for a cool and even useful example)
  • Internet of Things (embedded devices—sensors, cars and TVs with Internet access, more “things” on the way)
  • Mobile (as in phones)
  • Real-Time Web (live interactions, information updated immediately)
  • Structured Data (information made more organized so computers can work with it)

You don’t need to pick apart each one of these to get a sense of the general picture being painted: Technology becoming more intertwined with everyday life and, relatedly, more useful. Weeels is a pretty good example of all this. The service brings together mobile devices, real-time web-based communication, structured data (particularly about location, also trendy), and even the “Internet of Things” by bringing vehicles into process. (More on that idea of making parts of the city “programable” on the StarLab blog.)