Weeels on the Huffington Post

Our own Alex P. has written a great piece at the Huffington post called “Can We Build Transit Systems With Our Phones? Weeels Says Yes" and it really gets to the heart of what Weeels is all about:

The problem is an obvious one: think of all those cabs that are already going where you’re going. Think about all those taxis, trolling the streets, looking for passengers, wasting energy and taking up space, when they could be taking us where we need to go. And think of all those other people on the airport line, at your office, or outside the bar who are going your way too. Imagine social networks as transportation networks. We already use our phones to check in with our friends, to read reviews of shows or restaurants, to find out what to do. Our phones already help us decide where to go. Why shouldn’t they also help us get there?

Give the whole thing a read, and if you’ve got an iPhone give the app a download as well. Alex’s post helps put what we’re doing with that bit of software in perspective:

The impulse to share, so often seen as counter to a market economy, is actually deeply tied to our progress as a civilization. When we pool our information and our resources, we don’t just feel better about ourselves: we know more and we go farther.

To work, Weeels needs patient and dedicated users who are also enthusiastic about making social transit a reality—Weeels needs you, and all your friends.