We're Baaaack!

Last week Bandwagon rescued the beleaguered from taxi lines at CES 2015 as the official ridesharing service provider for the world’s largest consumer electronics convention (160,000+ attendees!) at the Las Vegas Convention Center.


Photo Courtesy of Richard Zajac, @rickyzstl

Our second year at CES, Bandwagon’s trusty priority access Hop Lanes led to more than 200% growth in usership over last year. Twenty Las Vegas hotels, from the Bellagio to Circus Circus, also partnered with us to speed up long waits for rides to the Convention Center—improving riders’ moods by saving time, cutting fares, AND CO2.

 “CES 2015 was a perfect place to implement a smarter, more efficient mobility option,” said David Mahfouda, founder and CEO of Bandwagon. Our crowd was, of course, super tech savvy.

 Last year’s widely covered opposition by the Vegas taxi industry to app-based transportation networks posed a huge opportunity for Bandwagon. Check out local NBC coverage for more: 

 If you’re in the market for a sink, we’re going back to Vegas next week for the Kitchen & Bath Show. Stay tuned for more gigs.

Hop on! www.bandwagon.io / @hibandwagon