How will my driver be paid?

A Bandwagon employee paired you to your taxi at the airport. If you look on your taxi TV display you will see a paired or checked-in notification. When your driver stops the meter at the end of the trip, we will pay them the full fare on your behalf and then charge each party the appropriate amount. 


When should my driver stop the meter?

All LGA Trips
Stop the meter the meter at the second drop-off.

JFK - Manhattan Trips
Stop the meter at each drop-off.

All Other JFK Trips
For trips from JFK to Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, & the Bronx, tell your driver to stop the meter at the second drop-off.


Did I already pay at the airport?

We solely added your card at the airport and will not charge you until the meter stops at the second drop-off.


Isn't LaGuardia a flat rate?

Only JFK to Manhattan is a flat rate. All other trips are metered.


How does pricing work?

Bandwagon's software estimates how much your trip would have cost if traveled solo and then charges each party 20% less. Your receipt shows an itemized breakdown.


How do I tip my driver?

Simply reply back to the sms before the ride ends with the percentage you would like to tip your driver. Tips must be in percentages (example: 20%). The tip is based on your solo fare – not the total fare.


What is Bandwagon?

Bandwagon is a taxisharing service that helps reduce redundant trips by matching passengers heading in a similar direction. Rather than two parties taking two taxis to a similar destination, two parties can share a taxi. Bandwagon pays the full fare on the customers behalf and then charges each party 20% less than what they would have paid if they traveled solo.


What if I still have a question?

Please feel free to contact our 24 hour customer support team via text or email.

Text-based Support: (646) 859-1755

Email-based Support: